The Bridges

Our Impact

76% of clients who completed The Bridges did not re-offend within a one year period.
For every 100 people completing Forward's 'Rapt' programmes an estimated £6.3 million is saved through reduced crime and re sentencing costs
In 2016 70% of Bridges residents completed the treatment programme. The national average is 45%.
About The Bridges

Located in Hull, The Bridges is The Forward Trust’s residential substance misuse treatment centre aimed at men with drug or alcohol addiction. The centre is the one of the few facilities in the UK with a specialism in working with ex-offenders. Our effective interventions aim to successfully treat the deeper issues behind both the substance misuse and any criminality that goes with it. We have successfully supported a wide range of clients, from those that have no criminal record to those who have been entrenched long term within the criminal justice system. Many of the staff at the centre bring their own lived experience and expertise of addiction and offending. They understand the needs of people who need support to tackle their substance misuse problem, to break the cycle of addiction and
associated crime. 
Our treatment programme meets the requirements of Drug Rehabilitation Requirement (DRR) and Alcohol Treatment Requirement (ATR) orders. It is also considered an acceptable address, in many cases, for Home Detention Curfew (HDC) and licence conditions.

I have a job, a nice home and a partner. My life has completely turned around – that’s what The Bridges have to offer.
- Lee - Former Bridges client