First stage treatment

This stage is accessible to clients with little or no previous treatment experience. It suitable for those that have completed short duration programmes whilst in custody or men who have completed abstinence-based treatment and experienced relapse. This stage is also an ideal next step for clients in the community who are ready for abstinence-based treatment.

  • A full time programme of group work including workshops on addiction, recovery and related topics, group therapy, daily client-led meditation, weekly client-led goals group, 12-Step lectures and study group, individual assignment groups and a weekly community meeting
  • One-to-one counselling sessions focused around the client’s individual treatment plan (amount and frequency dependent on individual needs)
  • Access to 12-Step fellowship meetings in the community
  • Monthly progress reporting to care managers, funders, probation officers and regular multi-agency review meetings
  • Full-board accommodation in single rooms
  • Client-led catering in which clients are support to plan and prepare meals for themselves
  • Client ‘meet and greet’ service- new admissions can be met directly at the prison gates and brought safely to The Bridges
  • Regular group outings and social activities
  • Access to GP, dentists, opticians and other health services
  • Access to local gym
  • 24/7 counselling staff cover