Eligibility and Application


Places at The Bridges are available to men aged 18 - 65 who are committed to abstinence from all mood altering chemicals and offending behaviour. Applicants with Schedule 1 offences, convictions for arson or violent offences or those with a dual-diagnosis (including those on medications for mental health conditions) are not automatically excluded. However, further information regarding any such issues will be required during the application process before a final decision is made.

All offers of treatment are subject to probation approval (if on licence) and written confirmation of funding. Clients entering treatment should have received suitable detoxification and should submit a negative drug/alcohol test on admission.


How to apply

If you think The Bridges might be suitable for you, simply download and complete our application form and return it to us. We will do the rest. Alternatively, you can get in touch with our team at The Bridges - contact details can be found here.